Litchfield Park Service Company - 2013 Rate Case SW-01428A-13-0042, W-01427A-13-0043 Prior
Litchfield Park Service Company - Phase 2 Proceeding SW-01428A-09-0103 Prior
Litchfield Park Service Company - Rehearing SW-01428A-09-0103, W-01427A-09-0104, W-01427A-09-0116, W-01427A-09-0120 Prior
Montezuma Rimrock Water Company, LLC W-04254A-12-0204, W-04254A-12-0205, W-04254A-12-0206, W-04254A-12-0207, W-04254A-11-0323, W-04254A-08-0361, W-04254A-08-0362 Prior
Pima Utility Company - 2011 Rate Case W-02199A-11-0329, SW-02199A-11-0330 Prior
Pima Utility Company - Petition to Amend Dec. No. 73573 W-02199A-11-0329, SW-02199A-11-0330 Prior
Qwest/CenturyLink Merger T-04190A-10-0194, T-20443A-10-0194, T-03555A-10-0194, T-03902A-10-0194, T-01051B-10-0194, T-02811B-10-0194 Prior
Rio Rico Utilities, Inc. - 2009 Rate Case WS-02676A-09-0257 Prior
Rio Rico Utilities, Inc. - 2012 Rate Case WS-02676A-12-0196 Prior
Solar Alliance E-20633A-08-0513 Prior
SolarCity E-20690A-09-0346 Prior
Southwest Gas Corporation - 2007 Rate Case G-01551A-07-0504 Prior
Southwest Gas Corporation - 2010 Rate Case G-01551A-10-0458 Prior
Southwest Gas Corporation - Demand Side Management G-01551A-11-0344 Prior
Southwest Gas Corporation - DSM Adjustor Filing G-01551A-11-0052 Prior
Southwest Gas Corporation - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Resource Technology Portfolio Implementation Plan G-01551A-12-0218 Prior
Tucson Electric Power - Application for Approval of its 2011-2012 Energy Efficiency Implementation Plan E-01933A-11-0055 Prior
Tucson Electric Power 2007 Rate Case E-01933A-07-0402, E-01933A-05-0650 Prior
Tucson Electric Power 2012 REST Implementation Plan Proceeding E-01933A-11-0269, E-01345A-11-0264, E-04204A-11-0267 Prior
Tucson Electric Power Company - 2012 Rate Case E-01933A-12-0291 Prior