Title:  Attorney III

The Residential Utility Consumer Office ("RUCO") was established by the Arizona Legislature in 1983 to represent the interests of residential utility ratepayers in rate-related proceedings involving public service corporations before the Arizona Corporation Commission.  

Description of Duties:  Represents residential ratepayers on behalf of the Residential Utility Consumer Office in complex proceedings before the Arizona Corporation Commission relating to electric, gas, telecommunication, water and wastewater rates. Counsel’s role includes providing legal and policy advice to the Chief Counsel and Director on matters that RUCO becomes involved in before the ACC. Counsel oversees every aspect of the litigation of large, complex rate cases. RUCO mostly participates  in the largest utility rate cases before the ACC. Works with the Chief Counsel and develops legal strategy for each case, implements the strategy and makes sure RUCO’s Staff follows the strategy.  Counsel prepares and directs discovery, strategizes arguments and positions, facilitates the drafting and review of expert testimonies (Accountants, Engineers, Financial Experts, etc.), oversees the hiring of experts outside the Agency and facilitates their testimonies, prosecutes RUCO’s case at hearing and defends RUCO’s positions. Prepares all legal filings with Chief Counsel and represents and appears on behalf of RUCO at the Open Meetings on each matter RUCO is involved in.  Provides advice and strategic direction to the Chief Counsel and Director on all policy matters RUCO is involved before the ACC.  

Miscellaneous Tasks - Works with Chief Counsel on all aspects of RUCO’s Appellate practice including the drafting of Motions for Rehearing, Appellate Notices and Briefs as well as representing RUCO in Appellate oral arguments and/or assisting hired outside counsel. Appears on behalf of the agency in public meetings, agency meetings with utilities and public and private interest groups and ratepayer meetings. Provides advice and implements policy concerning personnel matters. Responsible for organizing and preparing responses to Freedom of Information Act disclosures, and keeps abreast of legislative changes. Creates associations of trust and respect with key stakeholders. 

Travel of 10%-30% will be required for this position.  

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs):  Knowledge of administrative law, trial and appellate practice, utility rate regulation and financial accounting.

Must display skill in writing, communication and litigation.  

Ability to analyze utility rate applications and analyze testimony, interact with and cross-examine technical witnesses in fields of finance, accounting, engineering, policy, prepare briefs and memoranda, and control discovery procedures.  Ability to understand legal as well as policy concepts.

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