Case Name Docket Number Status
ACC Inquiry: In the Matter of the Commission's Inquiry into Retail Electric Competition E-00000W-13-0135 Prior
ACC Workshop: Compliance with Decision No. 71878 W-00000C-06-0149 Prior
APS - 2008 Rate Case Filing E-01345A-08-0172 Prior
APS - 2011 Rate Case Filing E-01345A-11-0224 Prior
APS - Authorization for the Purchase of Generating Assets from Southern California Edison and for an Accounting Order E-01345A-10-0474 Prior
APS - Electric Vehicle Filing E-01345A-10-0123 Prior
APS - Home Energy Information Pilot Program E-01345A-10-0075 Prior
APS - Net Metering Cost Shift Solution E-01345A-13-0248 Prior
APS - Transmission Cost Adjustor Charges E-01345A-09-0255 Prior
APS 2012 REST Implementation Plan Proceeding E-01345A-11-0264, E-01933A-11-0269, E-04204A-11-0267 Prior
APS Community Power Project - Flagstaff Pilot E-01345A-09-0227 Prior
APS Request for Approval of Updated Green Power Rate Schedule (Track and Record Proceeding) E-01345A-10-0394 , E-01345A-12-0290, E-01933A-12-0296, E-04204A-12-0297 Prior
APS Schedule 3 Proceeding E-01345A-11-0207 Prior
Arizona Public Service Company E-01345A-19-0236 Ongoing
Arizona Universal Service Fund RT-00000H-97-0137, T-00000D-00-0672 Prior
Arizona Water Company - 2008 Rate Case W-01445A-08-0440 Prior
Arizona Water Company - 2011 Eastern Group Rate Case W-01445A-11-0310 Prior
Arizona Water Company - 2011 Western Group Rate Case W-01445A-10-0517 Prior
Arizona Water Company - 2012 Northern Group Rate Case W-01445A-12-0348 Prior
Arizona Water Company - Request for Verde Valley Step-2 ACRM Surcharge W-01445A-08-0440 Prior